How Do I Join SR and What Do I Need To Know?

To join Sheltered Reality you simply need to put our Steps of Success into action!


 The first step of the journey is to Take A Chance, come to a few practices and find out what it means to be part of SR. Our drummers share the goals of (a) being the best you can be, (b) learning to work with others, (c) learning to help empower success in our audiences, and (d) learning to affect positive change in the world.  Coming to a few practices will help you discover if this is something that fits your life and makes sense in your heart. So, Take A Chance!!


 If becoming a member feels right in your heart then it probably is!  Once you have decided that you want to become a member, the most common question we hear is “How much does it cost?”

Here are the things you need to know.

MEMBERSHIP FEE: Our membership fee is $48.00 per month for one family member, $83 for two family members and $118 for three or more family members. Not sure you can afford that?  Please read Step Three below.

BUYING DRUMS: There is NO rush to buy drums. Until you are ready to get your own, you may share drums at practice. Once you are ready to buy drums, please talk to your site coordinator because Sheltered Reality has a national drum provider that offers our members a great discount.


Once a person has decided to become a member, we often hear the question:  “What if I/we cannot afford drums or membership fees?”

We do not want the issue of money to prohibit someone from succeeding in SR. Therefore some scholarship money is available to help with membership fees.  If you want to become a member but need some form of financial help, simply Take A Chance and ask!! And by never giving up and being willing to do whatever it takes you will be surprised to find how SR can work for you and your family.

Why does SR have membership fees?  Membership fees for all members pay for the travel costs of our National leadership team to travel continuously to our 30 plus practice sites. This team travels over 320 days per year doing lessons, working with members and leading shows.  Membership fees are one of the ways we handle having a National Family of drummers!

STEP FOUR: BE A FRIEND (and Empower Others to Succeed!!)

Finally, besides drumming, practicing and going to shows, you will be doing monthly mission projects.  These will include some fundraising for the site scholarship funds and working in your community to help others.

Other Common Questions:

Do I have to know how to drum to join SR?
Absolutely not! All you have to do is have a willingness to learn, to take a chance, to make a difference in the world, and to believe in yourself! Our talented instructors will teach you all the drum beats and choreography you need to know to perform with SR.

How much time commitment will there be?
Members must be committed to both the MISSION as well as the MUSICAL aspects of Sheltered Reality. Members are expected to be at the lessons given by the Directors. Each site will have 2 or 3 additional practices between lessons. When a new member is ready to perform, they are welcome at any show anywhere. In addition, all SR members are required to participate in one mission project each month. But, in terms of overall time, members find success in SR by giving what they can give.

Is there a site close to where I live?
Maybe! Take a look at our ‘SR Locations’ page to see the map of all of our locations across the country and see which site would be closest to you!

If you are useing text/SMS as your method of contact be sure to input a cell phone number.

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Thank you for your intrest in Sheltered Reality. We will contact you within the next 24 hours.

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