The Mission

Sheltered Reality doesn't just use their performance to change the world, but also requires all active members of the group to participate in hands-on mission work. We define 'mission work' as any way of making a positive change in the community that will affect at least one persons life for the better.

Listed below are some statistics of mission work completed by the entire group in 2016!

  • Total number of hours donated to mission work: 809
  • Total number of people who were positively affected by the mission work activities: 260,933

  • Below is a list of many of the successful mission projects accomplished by SR sites and members. This is a small portion of what was completed...many projects were completed that are not listed below, but reading what some of our members have done might show you how simple it is to change the world!

  • Top of Iowa site members participated in Random Acts of Kindness initiative for a month - individual members chose to help a fellow student, help a teacher, buy groceries for a co- worker, donate a gift card, shovel walks for a neighbor, and help a family move into a new home.

  • The Frankfort, IN SR members helped prepare take out boxes of meals to be delivered to shut-ins for a Community Thanksgiving dinner. They also helped serve the meal at the community site.

  • The Tipton, IA site collected school supplies for Community Action of Eastern Iowa for families in need.

  • Members of Metro St. Louis helped with the "Room at the Inn" program at St. Peter's Church, SR members cooked, served and ate with guests for a homeless program, then provided the clean-up. The dinner was served on real china plates with silverware and table decorations to create a homelike atmosphere.

  • In Mason City, IA, SR members donated cards and treats to thank the police officers of Mason City for all they do. The group collected a nice selection of boxed candies, cookies, crackers, and treats for the officers to eat at their office or take with them in their car.

  • The Minneapolis-St. Paul Members participated in the spring garden clean-up to assist the community of members of the King of Kings Lutheran Church. Later the SR members also helped with the fall, outdoor clean-up at the same location.

  • The Fox Cities, WI members volunteered to help at a local church in their initiative to paint all the Sunday School rooms in the education wing of the building. SR members worked all day and collectively helped paint 5 rooms in the church.

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