Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Booking SR

This is a list of questions that almost everyone who books a show has asked us.  To save time, we ask that you read the questions and answers below. Thanks!

Q. How much do you charge for a performance?
A. Church Services-No fee required, but we do request that a free-will offering be collected during the service
School Assemblies-$395 per assembly (negotiable if necessary)
Community Shows-$395
Benefits-No fee required, but a donation of at least $150 is appreciated.
Festivals & Parade $600
Conferences $500-$1000 (amount varies depending on the size of the conference)

Q. Do you require payment ahead of time?
A. No!  No payment ahead of time is required and no deposit needs to be made. If you prefer to send payment ahead of time, you are welcome to, but we prefer that you wait and give the check to our leaders the day of your performance.  An invoice will be sent approximately one month before your show, and if your group needs a W-9 form filled out, then please let us know ahead of time so that you can have the check ready for us that day.

Q. How many drummers will come to the performance?
A. For churches, there are usually 8 or less.  For schools and outside concerts, we like to have 4 to 10 drummers.  And we usually bring 4 to 15 to conferences/benefits. We can never give you an exact number of drummers because many of our members have schedules that change day to day. Please keep in mind our performers are all volunteer, and we cannot require any certain number of them to attend a show...we just do our best to get as many signed up to come as we can.

Q. Do you need Host Housing?
A. Many places do offer us host housing.  Some drummers' families just prefer to stay at a hotel at their own expense; however, we do usually like to have 1 or 2 homes available within the area in case others prefer host housing.

Q. How long are your performances?
A. As long as you want them to be.  The common community concert is 60 to 90 minutes. School assemblies are approximately 60 minutes.  For churches, we usually ask for 15 minutes in the service to talk about Sheltered Reality and we normally play the drums in the offertory/postlude, but we can be flexible depending on the situation. Some Pastors prefer us to take the entire service (providing a longer message) and that works just fine for us as well. Earplugs are always provided.

Q. What do the performances consist of?
A. For Churches, we usually do 2 or 3 songs (more if wanted) and we ask for some time during the service to give a message about Sheltered Reality.
For Schools, we usually do 4-5 songs (more if time allows) with serious messages, usually pertaining to character education, and facts and statistics to educate the students. We then have a fun portion at the end of our assembly to teach everyone that doing good is fun.
For Conferences, we usually do whatever fits into your schedule. Some places have us play between awards and speeches, some just have us for workshops and concerts. We are flexible - just let us know what you need
For Summer Events, we usually tend to lean to the fun side of Sheltered Reality. We still give some of the messages, but those are shortened (especially if we are outside). In these cases, we entertain the audience with lots of music.

Q. What kind of music do you play?
A. We play to good music! We have pre-recorded songs playing through our speakers and we play our drums to them. Some of the songs you will know, some you won't. We play many different genres of music - we're sure you will enjoy it!

Q. What kind of equipment do we need to provide when you perform?
A. All we need you to provide is a power outlet!  We have one extension cord that will need to be plugged into a three-prong outlet in order for us to get power.  We bring everything else ourselves.  If we are performing in a parade for your event, we require a full-size flatbed trailer and 3500 watt (minimum) provided.

Q. How much performance space do you need?
A. We have no specific measurements for our performance area. Just know that our layout is flexible and can usually work with any space that is provided. Of course, the larger the area, the better. For outdoor performances, a hard surface is preferred.

Q. How should we advertise for an upcoming performance?
A. For community shows, it is very important to advertise.  We do not do any advertising on our end, but we provide many things you can use to advertise. We have 4 Fliers available on this site for you to hang up all over town. You can feel free to make your own posters and you are welcome to use any information or pictures that we have on this website. There is a press release available for newspapers as well.

Q. Is the audience allowed to take photos/video of your performance?
A. Yes, everyone is allowed to take pictures and/or video of our performance in your community. If any photos are included in the newspaper, or any videos are uploaded to the internet, please send us that information so that we can view it and share it with others. During the performance we will encourage the audience to follow and tag us on social media platforms with the username @srdrumline!

Q. Our group wants to do a mission project to coincide with your performance, how do we go about doing that?
A. We LOVE when our audiences decide to take our message and apply it by doing a mission project! If you need mission project ideas, please visit our ‘Mission Projects’ page, or even the ‘Mission Accomplished’ page to see what other people have done to make a difference in the world, or simply in the community. If you are wanting to do a collection of some sort, you may do the collection ahead of time and our group will take the collected items with us after the performance and can distribute the items for you. (Of course, you are welcome to have your group distribute the items as well.)  If you’d prefer to do the collection after the performance and you still want us to distribute the collection, simply send us a message and we will find someone in the area to pick up the project.  And always remember, if your group does a mission project, please let us know about it!  Our members love to hear that their performance/message encouraged a group of people to make a positive change in the world!

Q. How far ahead do you book performances on your calendar?
A. We can book as far in the future as you’d like!  If you try to book us for a summer event, and we aren’t able to make it this year, please let us know the dates for next year, and we can confirm our performance for that date. If you are wanting to book a performance, it is best to contact us 2-3 months in advance. Our schedule does fill up fast!

Q. Do you travel in a bus?  If so, how much parking space is needed?
Luckily we do NOT travel in a bus. All our performers either carpool with each other or drive their own separate vehicles.  No special Sheltered Reality Bus (at least not yet!)


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