Press Release

Founded in 1996, Sheltered Reality (SR) is a nonprofit musical organization whose performing membership spans all ages. However, the majority of the members are youth aged 7-18 who come from practice sites located all across the Midwest. SR believes that Music can have Meaning, yet be a blast at the same time! SR performances use the power of percussion set to music, as well as high energy choreography, to engage and then motivate audiences to realize that any person, at any age in life, can dream and succeed. Success is first demonstrated through audience drum lessons followed by one or more audience participation songs; these always prove to be fun for audience members of all ages. However, SR then uses stories of hardship and triumph, as well as a sequence of Steps of Success to teach personal empowerment, character building, and ultimately translate the drum-playing success into something much more important: success in changing the world, and especially helping advocate for youth in crisis...the ultimate mission of Sheltered Reality.
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