Here is a historical look at the CDs and DVDs released throughout Sheltered Reality's history. Many of the products are Out of Print, however, you can contact us and request to order certain retired products and we will do our best to get them made, if at all possible.

  • 1998: RID
  • Sheltered Reality began as a group under the name ‘RID’, which stood for ‘Rex Is Dead’ and was the title of the first album. This CD was produced in the era when SR was an all-vocal group. Our performances consisted of no drums, just singers and Steve Schlosser as the keyboard player. This CD is Out of Print and all tracks were written/created by Steve Schlosser.

  • 1999: No Place Like Home
  • After the production of the first album, the group decided to have a name change, and worked out the name Sheltered Reality. That came from the fact that many people are ‘sheltered’ from the ‘reality’ that there are problems in the world and we can work together to change them. This was our second, and final vocal CD and once again, is Out of Print. All tracks were written/created by Steve Schlosser.

  • 2002: Recapturing Our Youth
  • Our first drum CD! We worked hard between 1999 and 2002 to create enough drum songs to make an all-drum CD. The change Sheltered Reality made (moving from all vocal to all drums) resulted in major success for the group. The title of this album came from one of our 80-year-old fans in Iowa who saw us quite often, and each time she saw a performance, she’d tell us that we helped her ‘recapture her youth’. The album artwork shows many adults and grandparents trying to recapture the youth in the photo.

  • 2003: Everdream
  • Sheltered Reality began its expansion across the state of Iowa and into new territory (out of Iowa)! We had major growth as an organization and many new songs came into our show...one of the new songs being ‘Everdream’, a song that has become one of our greatest hits. It’s a very powerful song, and we use it to remind people to continue to keep their dreams alive. The album cover comes from the fact that we started our ‘Eric Story’ about how a stuffed animal can change the world.

  • 2006: Mt. Rushmore Easter Sunrise Serivce
  • In 2006 we had the great opportunity to be a part of the Easter Sunrise Service at Mt. Rushmore near Rapid City, SD. This live performance DVD features 83 drummers performing many songs on that beautiful Sunday morning. This DVD is not professionally recorded, but still gives you a great view of that amazing event.

  • 2006: Sheltered Reality-The First Decade
  • 2006 brought our 10th anniversary as a group, so we put together a Greatest Hits album of all the albums produced thus far. No new tracks were recorded for this album, but this disc included 2 music videos.

  • 2007: Opryland-Nashville, TN
  • In 2007, we had another amazing opportunity. We were requested to perform for the annual Wal-Mart Year Beginning Meeting, which is when all the Wal-Mart General Managers from across the globe gather together in a conference in Nashville, TN at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Sheltered Reality was requested to perform two shows, each for 6,000 people! We shared the stage with other amazing performers such as Garth Brooks. This DVD was professionally recorded by Wal-Mart and the DVD is filled with different camera angles and great film effects. This DVD definitely makes you feel like you are right there with us enjoying the performance!

  • 2007: Empower
  • The Empower album was a full recording of all the current songs in our performance as of 2007. It was titled ‘Empower’ because the mission of each show is to pursue success in one’s life and empowering other people to succeed in their life as well. If we all work together and help each other, we are empowering one another. This album also includes bonus tracks of songs that are not included in our show, but are some of our favorite songs.

  • 2010: Live Life Loud
  • ‘Live Life Loud’ has a wide variety of music on it. The first few tracks on the album are the most recent songs we’ve added to our performance. The second half is filled with tracks that aren’t currently in our show. Between the years of 2003-2006, we didn’t get a recording opportunity and many songs went in and then out of the show during that time period without being recorded...well now they are!

  • 2012 Sizzlin' Summer Drummer Bash
  • Sheltered Reality began hosting this event back in 2010. We finally had the opportunity to film it professionally at our 2012 event which was held in Frankfort, IN. During this special weekend SR members from the country gather for a full day of hands-on mission work, a 8-hour practice session the next day, and a full performance on the final day of the weekend. On this DVD you'll see nearly 100 youth and adults of all ages performing some of their top routines together. This is an experience we encourage everyone to indulge in!

  • 2015: Boom
  • Sheltered Reality members gathered together for an updated studio recording of the current show performance songs. Our drummers have spent countless hours practicing and memorizing these difficult performance routines, and now they are here for you to rock out to in your car! While this makes for a great listening tool, the only thing missing is the high-intensity choreography. From bouncy balls, to glowing drumsticks, to minute-by-minute continuous movement, our performance has become quite visual. Please take the time to enjoy this music, but don't let it stop you from attending the next nearby Sheltered Reality live performance!
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